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Saturday thoughts

When an opportunity presents itself you need to embrace it. Once given the opportunity you must ensure all steps are taken not to squander it. Taking your time to think of each step you will take can ensure your success.   When you decide to just go on the fly, you are destined for trouble. It may seem like the best thing to do is the easiest, bu this is not the case all the time. Hard work and dedication ensures the opportunity you have been presented with bares its full fruit.   

Often times we unconsciously take things for granted. Do we mean to perform this action? Not at all. However, having a plan and sticking to it, can ensure the best possible scenario.   As people we sometimes think we are perfect and can never make mistakes. Thinking this way is positive and can lead to desired results…..Sometimes. Also this type of thinking can be disastrous to our confidence if we end up failing. Our thoughts should be focused on the task at hand, regardless if the task is small, big, or on going.  

Doing it right, is a slogan of Mike Holmes, a reality TV renovation star. When he goes to a clients home, he normally sees a few things. Unfinished work from a previous contractor, wasted time and more importantly frustrated owners. The biggest thing he sees is an opportunity to correct what wasn’t done and what needs to be completed. Does he think he’s perfect? Not at all. What he does think is he needs a plan to ensure this client doesn’t relive the same nightmare; as he would never allow his name to be sullied by, well as my dad says “a Rat-cha-fee job”. 

In life we make mistakes, our job is to learn from them. If we can’t learn from our mistakes we are destined to repeat it. Taking a chance to correct a mistake or do things right the first time can often lead to success in our endeavors.

Live Love Laugh Think Be

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